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      2016 2nd annual and first half conclusio
      The Shenzhen office is formally establis
      Improve the eating surroundings, really
      Implement safe responsibility, protect t
      Intention to create, gain momentum and m
            Guangdong Chengde Electronic Technology Co.,Lt  is a high-tech enterprise specialized in production,R&D and sales of PCB. Founded in 1995, after a decade of steady management and development, the existing plant area is over 30,000 m2, more than 800 employees, annual production capacity is more than 200 million m2, is one of the enterprise with large scale and influence in the domestic industry. The company has obtained a number of invention patents and utility patents, and even was awarded  private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province of independent innovation brand enterprises, nationwide top 100 enterprises of the p...

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      Add:Guangdong Chengde Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd  Tel:0757-28086618    
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